Our organic tea is grown and processed without pesticides or artificial fertilisers. So enjoy the health benefits of Cuppa and Co tea knowing that farms are being supported, workers on tea plantations are being treated fairly, and that both the workers and our environment are not exposed to the harmful chemicals used in conventional tea production. 


No. 02

Let's talk wellness.

Curated by @cuppaandco, we're putting a spotlight on 'wellness' as part of our organic and ethical tea range through Yoga, Fitness, Mindfullness and of course tea. Co Wellness Club kicks off September 17.

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No. 01

We're proud to be organic, ethical and love where we're grown. #welovesrilanka

We are proud to state that the majority of Cuppa and Co’s tea is grown and sourced high in the Sri Lankan mountains, meaning Cuppa and Co have some of the finest quality organic teas in the world. With strong fair trade and ethical principles, you can be assured that from plucking to packing we have a happy team all round.

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