At home with Cuppa and Co

Contrary to popular belief, here at Cuppa & Co we don’t just sit around all day sipping tea, we’ve got a business to run - that’s not to say we don’t sip while we work though (luckily we are good at multi-tasking!). So today, we’ve decided to take you behind the scenes and give you a little insight into what goes on at Cuppa & Co HQ.

Everyday we are on the hunt for new ideas and opportunities and there is no doubt that social media has influenced our journey in a BIG way. It’s incredible to see the power of such a platform in growing a small business and we continue to dedicate time and energy into our social presence, connecting Cuppa & Co with tea-lovers everywhere.

Since being founded in 2014, we’ve amassed quite the following and now we're more focused than ever on reaching our goal of 10k+ followers on Instagram.

We recently took a trip down memory lane (tea in hand, of course) and looked back on some of our top customer posts via social media, and here are some of our favourites….


Nothing brings us more joy than seeing tea-lovers engaging with our products and us - and most importantly, enjoying a good pot of Cuppa & Co!  

As we speak, we are currently working on our new range of teas and we are so excited to reveal all. We’ve got illustrators working with us on original designs for our packaging and don’t forget our fave part of the flavour process - taste testing our teas!

All of our teas are 100% certified organic and part of the Rain forest Alliance and more! so you can cosy up to one of our cuppas, guilt free!

Thanks for joining us today, we love sharing what we are doing almost as much as we love seeing you enjoy our teas on social, so keep posting and we’ll see you back here soon!

Miles Bradley