Meet the models : Behind the Scenes

In September 2016, Cuppa and Co worked with Azz Wareta & Penny Bradley, Melbourne women that are the epitome of true tea drinkers. Oh and they just so happen to be models as well - no biggie!

After a day of lounging around on set - the shoot literally took place on a bed - we sat down with them to get the inside scoop.

Q1 : Was today your first time modelling? What was it like?

Penny : Yes first time modeling. It was a hoot and fun to have a giggle with the producers of Cuppa and Co.

Azz : Yes, it was my first time modelling! I was quite nervous and scared before I did it. The experience overall was fantastic, I had such a good crew with me and they were very supportive and patient.

Q2 : Go ahead, name your favourite tea blend and why?

Penny : Berry Bang is my fave blend of the season because you can drink it cold in the summer or steaming hot in the winter, the fabulous colour and taste is sure to help you beat those winter blues!

Azz : My favourite blend is Belly Blend. It's a great, on-the-go, healthy tea that is light and refreshing when I exercise.

Q3 : What's your go-to snack with a cuppa?

Penny : My go to snack with a cuppa tea is a florentine for-sho!

Azz : I love choc-chip cookies or ANZAC cookies, they are delicious!!!

Q4 : What is your idea of a great Sunday?

Penny : My Idea of a great Sunday is a picnic in the Botanical Gardens with a spread of you name it! Plus great company to have a laugh with!

Azz : Well, I love to be outdoors if it's a great day. I’ll usually go for a hike or a bike ride or if the weather isn’t very nice I love to stay in and watch movies

Q5 : How was it working with Cuppa and Co?

Penny : Working with Cuppa and Co was a hoot! We had so much fun! An apartment filled with flowers and the scent of brewing tea. It was impossible not to feel happy! The best of days!

Azz : It was so amazing, they were the most patient and supporting people I could have dreamed to work with. It was so much fun working with them, the whole time we were laughing and making jokes. I love the fact that they try to not take things too seriously and just enjoy the moment!

A big thanks to Azz Wereta and Penny Bradley for the run down on Cuppa and Co's latest shoot. You can find them on social media at @azwereta & @thehalfpenny

Thanks for reading and we’ll catch you back here soon - BYO cuppa!

Cuppa and Co

Miles Bradley