The ultimate way to your bff's heart for under $10

Let’s face it, babes. When our best friend's birthday rolls around, we all want to buy them an amazing present. That's a given. But life sometimes gets a little tough. Maybe we've spent a bit too much money on our smashed avo, and we can't exactly afford to splash out and gift our friend the latest $75 palette from Mecca or Sephora. So what on this luscious-green-earth do we do, to show our #1 Platonic Babe how much we love them?

Firstly, we buy them tea! Cuppa and Co's 100% nasty-free loose-leaf tea, to be exact.

The best thing you ask? Our teas come in packaging small enough to fit into your bag, and are so gorgeously designed that you'll want to keep the box all for yourself. We all love unwrapping a present and being greeted with a visually captivating feast for the eyes, after all. But when it comes to Cuppa and Co's teas, we have a lot more going for us than just our outward appearance.

Our tea boxes are generously priced at $8.95, so you can probably afford to throw into the gift bag a sneaky bottle of Moscato too. And whether your bestie is a fan of sweet, soothing, hot, cold, or any other type of tea you can think of, We’ve already got your back covered. Many of our teas can even be served hot or cold – Berry Bang is a notably refreshing example. Shop here!

And for mindful babes concerned about the planet and its inhabitants, we all like to live our lives as ethically as possible. That’s why we’ve made Cuppa and Co's products all organic and free of any nasty preservatives, so you'll be looking after your bestie and encouraging them to be their best, most happy self.

Find our other go-to gifts below that are perfectly paired with Cuppa and Co tea.

Peter Alexander gown

Make your bestie's tea-drinking experience as cosy as possible with a gown from Peter Alexander. From fluffy and hooded to slinky and luxe, there will be something for every best friend slash tea drinker.

Frank Body scrub

You've probably seen it plastered all over your Insta feed, and there's a reason why. Frank's coffee-based exfoliator will soften the hell out of your best friend's skin - so much so that you'll want to grab yourself one.

Tea plus an inspiring book equals a perfect combination. Nasty Gal founder Sophia
penned this autobiography, charting her rise from nomad to Queen of her own
fashion empire. The Nasty Gal in all of us will want to read #GIRLBOSS.

Kikki K tea set
What better to pair your bestie's new tea with than a legendary black and gold tea set from kikki.K's Svenska Hem collection? Drinking tea has never been so god-damn stylish.