Why we source organic and fair trade from Sri Lanka

At Cuppa and Co, we maintain a super strong relationship with our friends in Sri Lanka - including visits from Australia to the communities we work alongside, to partner up and bring a truly great product to the table.

We are proud to state that almost all of Cuppa and Co’s tea is grown and sourced high in the Sri Lankan mountains, meaning Cuppa and Co have the finest quality organic teas in the world. And the rest of the ingredients you ask? Sourced from Egypt, Madagascar, Germany and here in Australia, all organic!

Our friends at the tea estates in Sri Lanka have a raft of great projects which aim to benefit their local communities. With a zero tolerance on child labour, they provide strong worker welfare facilities such as maternity wards, child development centres, day care centres, nutritional programs, and free medical services. They also provide public toilets and fresh drinking water, facilities that are not common in the rest of the country.

With strong fair trade and ethical principles, you can be assured that from plucking to packing we have a happy team all round.

I mean, that’s what friends are for right? #welovesrilanka

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